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I'm having trouble seeing the changes on my website.
  • First idea is that your provider hasn't updated it's DNS list yet so you wait.
  • Next is you clear your cache, cookies and offline content. Go to tools, select internet options, then click delete cookies, then delete files and check the box that says delete offline content. (This should make sure you are not using a previously loaded page)
  • The final thing to try before calling your provider is  you can flush the DNS cache (For Windows XP, "Start -> Run -> ipconfig /flushdns") then try loading the site again.
  • Right after Jan 2008 my Starband Satellite connection stopped working. I called Starband and got a message that AVG was no longer compatible with their software so I uninstalled it and reinstalled the Starband software. Not wanting to be without Anti Virus software I downloaded and installed Avast Anti Virus.
    Updated my Starband and bought a new n router hoping to expand the range of my wireless network.
    My machine worked fine but one machine on the network was very slow and kept losing the connection. Tried everything but nothing worked till I put the old Linksys router back in and took the new one out. I would not have believed it if someone had told me that was a problem but that was the only solution that worked. To the right I'll detail what I tried and if anyone can explain why, I would love to hear an explanation.
    1. Scanned for viruses, could not update virus definitions.
    2. Scanned for malware - no problems found but could not update
    3. Spybot found 3 browser entries, removed them but that wasn't it either, could not update spybot.
    4. Tried a wireless adapter to rule out a bad cable or network card - no difference
    5. Went through every setting I could find
    6. Put Linksys router back in and was downloading at over 50k/sec and everything that had not worked now worked.
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